Week 3: Reds in Julian CA

I like this week’s challenge, Red.

The challenge was to capture a photograph with red as the main focus. I love red. It’s not my favorite color, but I find it super bold and beautiful.

I’ve always wished that one day I’ll have the guts to wear bright red lipstick without feeling the need to cover my mocha skin with white paint; and complement with a colorful wig, red nose, and balloons. I know. I’m weird. I do wear bright red on my finger nails and I love it.  One day though.. one day, I’ll have the guts to pull off the Puerto Rican version of Marilyn Monroe’s lips. But, until then, I’ll just dream and take pictures.

Anyway,  today we drove an hour to visit the tiny beautiful town of Julian, CA. I mean very tiny–1,500 population tiny. Julian is famously known for their delicious pies and rich history.  We walked around town after a very nice lunch at Carmen’s Garden. During our walk,  I stumbled across my challenge subjects.

Here are my two picks for this week’s challenge.

Super cute bird house found abandoned next to a pie company… I wondered what was the black stuff around the door…

Nice red barrel on the side of a store.. Julian, CA


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