Week 4: The Buddah & The Tom

This week’s challenge was to capture a portrait.  I wish I could say  I had it all planned out and everything went according to plan. But nope. I can not. I procrastinated until the end and here I am. Today was the last day for the challenge and as of this morning there was no portrait. Therefore, in a desperate attempt to get the challenge complete, I asked my husband to stand still for a “quick shot”. That didn’t work out for two reasons: #1: he didn’t buy the “quick”part of my request and #2: he dislikes (very much) when I procrastinate. Needless to say, my request was declined.

So I went with an impromptu plan B: find the most human-like thing around. That’s when I found the Buddha. Yep. The one that resides in our living room. It was perfect so I proceeded to transport the 15 lb Buddha from the living room to the patio for a photo shoot. After he was comfortably set on stage, I started to shoot. Here’s what I got.

Week 4: Portrait Buddah

But then, my husband (probably feeling sorry for me as I changed angles, camera settings, and played photographer  with a statue) randomly agreed to give me a quick shot.  I somehow managed to get two.

Week 4: Portrait Observant Lima

Week 4: Portrait Lima

Tom Portrait #2: His “make it quick” face

Week 4 challenge – accomplished. 🙂

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