Week 6: Sweet Discovery

Your artistic interpretation this week should be inspired by something sweet” –

I’m mesmerized by my fellow participants’ mouth watering photos of  beautiful cakes, colorful popsicles, sophisticated baked goods, and all sorts of yummy looking candies. Me? This week I definitely learned that sweets (or food for that matter), do not rock my artistic world. This week I tried to follow the challenge and photograph sweets in an “artistic” way, but the whole exercise  made me feel as if I was penguin in a desert trying to swim in sand. I felt  hopeless and frustrated. I tried. But at the end, I couldn’t macro out an exquisite photo of a sweet good.

However,  just as I was about to give up and go photoless this week,  I looked  down at my tennis shoes and  it finally clicked! I realized that this week I did find inspiration in something sweet, but that something was not eatable.

Sweet Inspiration

Yesterday, I ran the Sweetheart 5K to benefit the American Heart Association.I love running for great causes. I signed up for the race as part of one of my goals for this year to run 5 or more races, including another half marathon.

I didn’t find inspiration in eatable sweets, but I found inspiration in all of those patients currently battling heart disease. Those people truly inspire me. Those, and all of the people out there currently fighting a disease that they did not ask for.

So at the end, I didn’t have to go photoless. And although my photo for week 6 is just a pair of dirty shoes and a medal, I’m proud to say that the exercise was not in vain.  This week’s challenge made me realized what drives me and what doesn’t.  I made two discoveries–two very sweet discoveries:

#1: I found that the purpose of this challenge is not only to develop your art, but to also discover what makes you tick; what inspires you and what doesn’t.

And #2: I realized that I suck at food photography.

Needless to say, week 6: I feel accomplished 🙂


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