Catching up Week 8-12: What I Saw

I finally made it to the blog. I feel as if I skipped all of my homework and I’m now rushing to get it all in before semester ends. Awful. To my defense though, my job has been consuming almost all of my waken time. Like 60-70 hrs per week time. My brain is fried and my energy levels have been at their all time low.  No time for workouts and no time for pictures=no fun. I’m hoping it gets better. On a good note, I’m happy to report that I finally mastered the manual mode of my camera. I’ve been trying to decipher the magical exposure triangle for  a long (looong) time now. And I finally got it. And it feels good.

Anyways, on to my delayed homework.

Week 8: Landscape/Panorama. I have to give credit to my husband for this one. He took this photo, while I was still trying to figure out the panorama feature of my iPhone 7. We were in Point Loma San Diego.

Week 8: Landscape Panorama


Week 9: Shadows. While trying to jog after a hectic week at work. I stopped to smell the flowers–and to take pictures of the their shadows.
week 9: Shadows

Week 10: Portrait Environmental. Puerto Rico Vs USA Baseball World Classic. The game was in San Diego on Friday. Super intense game.  Guess who I was cheering for? 🙂 Week 10: Portrait Environmental


Week 11: Landscape– reflection, the mirror world revealed. This one is in point Loma also. It was a little chilli outside, so decided to snap a photo of the landscape through the mirror’s eyes.. 🙂

Week 11: Reflection


Week 12: transportation. I Saw this  ship today in Point Loma and it took me all the way back to third grade and learning history about the Spaniards arriving  in their Caravelas and”discovering” the new world. We all know who discovered the new world right? Hint: It was not Christopher Columbus. 😉

Week 12: Transportation


Well, that’s it for now. My homework is caught up!

Until next week, cheers!

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