Week 13: Playing With High Key

The challenge: Expose to the right and create a light, airy high key portrait.

Not kidding you. The first thing I had to do was to google “High Key Portrait”. I had never heard of the term nor I had a flipping idea of how to deploy the technique (rookie alert!) . At first, when I saw the google images, I thought: “Great. Now I have to spend tons of money in lighting, white backgrounds, and models?”. I became discouraged. But a little more reasearch and a couple of YouTube videos later, I was able to turn our regular Saturday outdoors fix into a free High Key photo session. And it was fun! 

This is Oceanside, CA–the area where I took all the photos.. This is how the day looked. Not a cloud in the sky. Not bragging here, but this is typical San Diego.


We parked at the marina. Then, I put my newly  acquired YouTube skills to work  and set up my camera. I then got in front of the sun and asked my husband to take a picture. This photo came out. I love Qalo products — If you are an outdoors junkie like we are, check out their products at www.qalo.com. They’re awesome.


Then, there’s my husband, who as always, hesitatingly agreed to pose. He’s also wearing a Qalo hat. I think his photo came out better than mine. I’d rather be behind the camera.


Then, to celebrate the fact that it didn’t take me 3 hours to get couple of good shots, we stopped by The Broiler Seafood restaurant in Oceanside and ordered appetizers and a Mai Tai (it’s been forever since I had one of these. Forever as in 2 years forever). We were sitting outside, so of course I had to showcase the happy juice. I put it in front of the sun, overexposed a bit, and bam!DSC_1822.jpg


couple of appetizers and a Mai Tai later, as we walked towards the car, we saw these guys.. I couldn’t resist. I shot away..



I was having fun with my new friends, but before we knew it, it was sunset.. it was time to go home. This one is technically not a High Key portrait, but I love sunsets and so I shot.


Super fun challenge week —  It was a little bit of work to get it right, but after few practice shots, I feel I got a hold of it. And the best part is that the only money I spent, I spent it on seafood and a Mai Tai. Perfect.

What I love the most about this 52-week challenge is that it gives me the opportunity to experiment and learn various techniques. Some I like more than others. This High Key one I really liked a lot and I will most definitely adopt it for future photos…

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