Week 14: I Deviated From The Challenge and I’m Happy I Did

I knew this was going to happen.  I knew that somewhere between week 1 and week 52, I’d deviate from the challenge instructions.

I was supposed to shoot landscape on week 14, but spontaneity stroke again and last week’s hiking  trip to shoot landscape photos somehow turned into a visit to a dog shelter instead. Very typical of me by the way.  I confess–following instructions is not one of my stronger suits. I lasted 13 weeks though. So I’m very proud of my self.

Anyway, back to the deviation: “What the heck, we’re just looking, right?” my husband and I murmured to each other  as we turned right on Save a Life Way in Escondido California.  We went in and  one and half hours and $150 later,  this is how we walked away.

I fell in love at first sight, so we adopted  the  5-month old puppy  and brought her home with us. We’re beyond excited and needless to say, with the new addition to our family, the landscape photos that were due this week became quickly forgotten. This week I indulged in photographing our new love Blanca Niv. Here are few shots from our outing yesterday at beautiful Poway Lake.

Blanca Niv

Blanca Niv


Proud Mommy

This First Family Portrait — it took us almost 30 minutes to get this shot.   I’d say let’s make this one count as my landscape photo for week 14? 🙂 I will get back on track, but for week 14 – I chose Puppy!

I hope you had an amazing Easter! Until next week — Salud!


First Family Portrait — Kind Of.

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