Challenge Forfeited – But Still Exploring

So I said Sayonara to my photo challenge and abandoned my blog for a while. The blame is on my super energetic puppy –she’s sucking the blogging energy out of me. But, I love her so much and I have been having lots of fun with her. That’s why I decided to take a challenge break and pick up on the challenge on my own terms. I’ll start catching up in the next weeks.

In the mean time, traveling activity this past months has been high.  We’ve been in Canada, Cuba, Mexico, and Belize. I only have few minutes to post, so I’ll share our trip to Niagara Falls.

Here’s a short video of the trip. Pardon my augmented excitement.  I’ve been wanting to see this place ever since I was a little girl. I was super excited we were there and once there, I was in utter state of awe–the entire time we were there– literally– I couldn’t keep my eyes off  the falls. What a gorgeous site….  you’ll notice how dorky my husband and I are? well, Yep – that’s us. two kids trapped in adult bodies…  🙂


Hope all is well! looking forward to catching up on my challenge and my reading!


2 thoughts on “Challenge Forfeited – But Still Exploring

    • That’s sweet 🙂 thank you so much. I bet you too had a lot of fun. 🙂 sorry to hear that she’s no longer with us, but I bet her spirit is dancing among us!


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