Week 16: Movement

Week 16: “Most portraits are stationary, so this week explore adding some movement”..

Ok.. Not sure if this is considered cheating. I think not– I hope not. It’s just– you know– I found something that really represents movement; literally and metaphorically.  And I couldn’t resist.

This is a clip from our trip to beautiful Cuba last month. I’ve been wanting to visit and indulge in Cuba’s culture ever since  was a little girl. See,  I used to live in Cuba’s neighborhood. I lived in a tiny island (and US territory) called Puerto Rico. I remember vividly hearing the horror stories from the elders about how they felt during the endless 13 days of the Missile Crisis. Since then, I grew curious about the history and the revolutionary movement that brought Cuba to that scary point. I was also curious about the origins of their economic misfortune in later years. I’ve read many books. I’ve seen many documentaries. But I wanted to hear the story straight from the Cuban people. I wanted to hear their side of the story…  So I visited; and it was amazing. I’ll posts videos and photos soon. But for now,  here’s my week 16 pick for Movement. The Cuban Flag.

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